Dala Teddy


Dala Teddy

Dala Teddy

Dala Teddy 


  • Glitter Shakers

    Glitter Shakers

  • Glitter Pens

    Glitter Pens

    • Most of our beautiful glitter colours are available as glitter glue pen variants
    • Add shimmer and shine to your art and craft projects
    • Easy to use 10ml pens
    • Available in classic and rainbow tones
  • Teddy Ocean Canvas Kit

    Teddy Ocean Canvas Kit

    Paint fish, turtles, whales & more with this Teddy Ocean Canvas kit. Create your own colour palette from the paints provided to bring these sea creatures to life. Then, decorate them with the glitter liners included in the kit for the perfect, shimmering, finishing touch!

    Kit Includes: 5 printed ocean creature canvases, 5 paint tubs, 2 paintbrushes, a paint palette (4 wells) and two glitter liners.

  • Play Dough

    Play Dough

  • Fun Foam Kit

    Fun Foam Kit

    Did you know that the amazing Teddy Fun Foam lends itself to both painting and sculpting?

    Mix your own custom colours and sculpt the foam with the spatula to add depth to your artworks.

    Kit Includes: 5 printed jungle canvases, 5 Teddy Fun Foam colours, googley eyes and a spatula.

  • Teddy Rolla Ball Kit

    Teddy Rolla Ball Kit

  • Face Paint

    Face Paint

    Dala face paint not only makes you look great but is safe for all skin types and easy to apply

  • Finger Paint

    Finger Paint

    • Can all be mixed to create new colours
    • Popular, fun first kiddies paint in red, yellow, blue and green
    • No brush required
  • Teddy Jnr Acrylic Paint

    Teddy Jnr Acrylic Paint

    • Designed with kids in mind
    • Rich, creamy consistency
    • Non toxic
  • Teddy Jnr Glitter Paint

    Teddy Jnr Glitter Paint

    • Add some sparkle to your arts and crafts projects with these cool glitter craft paints!
    • Non-toxic.
  • Teddy Jnr Neon Paint

    Teddy Jnr Neon Paint

    • Water soluble
    • Non toxic
    • Easy to clean up
  • Teddy Air Drying Clay

    Teddy Air Drying Clay

    Available in White and Terracotta

    • Soft and pliable once kneaded, this clay takes 24 hours to dry completely.
    • Perfect for art project and craft applications.
    • Can be painted / varnished and decorated when dry.
    • Decorate with beads; stones, googly eyes etc by pressing them into the wet clay.
  • Markers


    • Fine to broad lines
    • Washes off of any surface
    • 8 classic colours
    • Can be used on windows, mirrors, whiteboards, tiles etc
  • Dala Teddy Canvas Kits

    Colour mixing is easy and fun with Teddy's new complete painting kits. Paint portraits of your favourite DC heroes , Batman and Flash, from Justice League by following the easy colour mixing instructions on the pack.

    Each full kit includes:
    2 x 9" x 6" illustrated panel canvases
    5 x paints to get you started (red, yellow, blue, black and white)
    1 x paint palette for colour mixing
    2 x paint brushes
    Full colour mixing guide